Contributing to sustainable improvement in human life quality.

Our vision

Leading Edge Discoveries

A globally revolutionizing approach into: environmental, medical, economic, infrastructural, educational, and scientific sectors.

Utilizing the diverse applicative potential of cannabis and other botanicals into a better functioning society.

Thriving with and not against nature: moving towards more sustainable systems and eliminating problematic ecological disruption.

Triggering economic growth, positively addressing social issues in the long run.

Venturing into uncharted territory & leading the medical market with novel herbal product development.

Industry changing Research & Developing programs

Cannabis: An exotic solution to multifaceted living modalities

One of the staggering characteristics of the cannabis species is the multifacetedness of its solution. By developing products that hold strong influence in the value chain of genetic development, we position ourselves as dominant players in this extraordinary & rapidly evolving pathway.

Ensuring the quality of our products is a priority in our definition. With consistent and strong action towards the right direction, Herb Industries stands as the leading European company in the field of production and trade of herbs and cannabis. Our goal is to confidently entitle the highest quality in Europe and around the world.

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Shedding Light In An Ever-Changing World

When we choose to invest our thinking in systems that work with and not against nature, absolutely everything changes.
The use of cannabis is so fascinatingly diverse in its application, it makes you question why this sustainable alternative has not taken the lead much sooner. In fact, the way it can be integrated so appropriately in a better functioning society continues to fuel our passionate drive.

We know that bringing awareness to controversial topics is often a sensitive debate. As active participants in the clearing of inaccurate connotations, Herb Industries is founded with values of passion and truth seeking.
Shining the light on the cannabis plant, we aim to educate every mind that is open to learning.

What realization is to be had?
That the cannabis plant is here to fuel opportunities of incredible economic transformation:

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Products can be made from hemp
disease treatments
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human use of medical cannabis

Cannabis & Health: Perhaps what we have all been seeking

Medical cannabis is filled with mesmerizing healing properties. With antioxidant, antipsychotic, anti-cancer, anti-epileptic and anti-inflammatory compounds, the use of this medicinal plant covers a far and wide spectrum, which is partially what marks it as so scientifically revolutionary. Medical professionals are able to find cannabis strains suitable for the transformation and management of even the most serious diseases.

The diversity of medical and wellbeing products we are able to create based on this knowledge is truly extensive. With great attention to quality, Herb Industries aims to lead the medical sector with industry-altering Research & Development programs. 

The exciting thing? This is only one of our several major aspects.

Cannabis And The Economy

Simply put, cannabis results in economic growth. Every state and local government that has chosen to implement the use of medical marijuana now shows a number of positive changes. When taxed and well regulated, the market is actually able to generate increased revenue without an increase in taxes. This implementation leads to a reduction in crime rates, tons of job creations, decreased government spending, and ultimately, it allows for collected extra fortune to be redirected into areas of society that would benefit from fortification.

In the United States, this has already been recognized as a clear advantage. Thanks to tax revenue from cannabis, the state of Colorado was able to spend 40 million USD on public school construction, plus 27.9 million in public education. Washington utilized its 314.8 million fund into an initiative that aided in the provision of health insurance for low-income residents.

Become familiar with the lucrative growth cannabis brings to the economy:

legalization generates

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New Jobs
$ 100000000
Labor Income

U.S market alone

Cannabis And The Environment

A truly transformative excitement is the fact that cannabis is a highly sustainable agricultural crop. Next to bamboo, it is the fastest growing plant on the planet, without needing the use of pesticides and only requiring little water to grow. Moreover, cannabis doesn’t take much space to be cultivated, and it harmoniously gives back to the Earth by returning nutrients to the soil.

Hemp, or cannabis, can create almost anything you may do with corn, soy, or cotton, however with much less environmental impact. It can create plastic-like materials, fabrics, biofuel, wood, paper, rope and clothing, while still being completely biodegradable.

Hemp can even be made into is called hempcrete, a concrete-like building material that actually absorbs CO2, never shrinks nor cracks, and even gains strength over time. Luckily, we are finally catching up to this abundantly resourceful alternative. While growing and building, we are actually reducing emissions and participating in an ecologically beneficial innovation.

Here is everything you need to know about cannabis and the environment: