Medicinal cannabis

Herb Industries’ process follows the highest pharmaceutical standards, with EU GMP compliance for all oils, including broad spectrum cannabis oils and trimming of medicinal flowers.

In the trimming process, fan leaves, sugar leaves and any other irrelevant parts of the plant are removed, typically in the drying room, leaving the stems with nothing but the flower buds. Humidity and temperature room control are aimed at fulfilling optimal drying rate and a desirable moisture content. Drying processes eliminate undesired pigments, chlorophyll, and inhibit any mold development. Herb Industries’ proficient scientific personnel are attentive to the impact of this stage on final product quality.

Milling the dried cannabis is the last step before extraction processes may begin. The cannabis is broken down into uniformly small pieces, whether following wet or dry procedures.


Herb Industries invests in quality measures that lead to consumer safety and build trust with supply chain partners. Utilizing industrial supercritical CO₂ extraction systems by Vitalis, we collaboratively carry the latest certifications, including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), National Board (NB), Canadian Standard Association (CSA/CRN), and European Conformity (CE/PED).

Vitalis Extraction Technology is the world’s leading manufacturer in the field. As the Canadian brand states, ’’CO2 is considered one of the most-favourable extraction methods for natural compounds, and a leading choice for industrial-scale cannabis, hemp, hops, herbs, spices, oilseeds, and even coffee decaffeination extraction.”

Consumers have become increasingly critical about what they put into their bodies, meaning the need to target, and preserve natural cannabis terpenes during the extraction process is a top priority. By injecting a controlled amount of ethanol into the CO2 extraction process, the CIS is designed to increase the extraction efficiency for hemp and cannabis processors by leveraging the benefits of CO2 extraction (capturing terpenes, targeting desired cannabinoids, lowering operating cost) and the power of ethanol.

Complying with all GMP regulations

Complying with all GMP regulations, including the following:

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