Medicinal Cannabis & Pharmaceuticals: A Growing Change

With cannabis providing alternatives for such a vast coverage of medical conditions, pharmaceutical companies are faced with an opportune possibility of integrative expansion. Its capacity for pain management has guided doctors to recommend cannabis as a safe alternative to multiple addictive painkillers or commonly abused pharmaceuticals. In fact, the cases of successfully administered cannabis alternatives are many, and research thereof suggests a great number of benevolently profound healing experiences.

Without a doubt, marijuana is now impactfully and widely altering the pharmaceutical industry. As legalization continues to hit a domino-like effect across the globe, more and more countries reencounter value within this anciently recognized medicine.

We now see a clearly rising engagement between pharmaceutical companies and the development of cannabis derived remedies. 

Herb Industries is completely aware of this evolutionary change and aims to presently participate in the delivery of premium quality cannabis extractions.

✔ With EU GMP certifications, our manufacturing pursues the highest level of pharmaceutical recognition, entering the market as a leading global player of innovative and evidence based solutions. 

Perhaps one of the greatest assets of cannabis’ natural healing qualities is its freedom from harmful side effects, and the complete impossibility of an overdose, which the majority of synthetic pharmaceuticals can dangerously cause upon addictive abuse. According to research completed in the United States, opiate-related death cases sank by over 33% after medical cannabis was legalized in all thirteen states, marking one of the many positive curves taken throughout its implementation. 

Aside from opiods, which are prescribed for pain relief, typically addictive medicines include: 

  • CNS depressants: barbiturates and benzodiazepines prescribed for anxiety or sleep problems 
  • Stimulants: prescribed for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy (a sleep disorder)

As you may discover referencing our previous article ‘’Different Cannabinoids & Their Medical Applications,’’ cannabis is an effective alternative and safe treatment for every aforementioned condition. 

Merging Medicinal Qualities

Thus far, several synthetic medicines have been manufactured to mimic the effects of both THC and CBD cannabinoids, depicting an assertive interest and recognition of potential within pharmaceutical branches. However, due to the massive monetary gain cannabis was calculated to bring into the market, profit-driven corporations may possibly have stood in intimidation against the regularization of medicinal cannabis, failing to show an elevation in human value and altruistic purpose. 

Fortunately, we’ve matured as a collective. Research has been well conducted and approved, and cannabis is now an inevitably seen arrival merging all medicinal fields. 

With absolute integrity, Herb Industries is not only focused on generating a profitable market. 

Extending beyond, we are fueled by a higher purpose, urging us to bring forth evolutionary qualities to healthy lifestyle choices, medicinal sustainability, and mindful foundations. 


Forecasts predict a medical cannabis market value of 3.2 Billion EUR by 2025, and though the multibillion dollar value of pharmaceuticals carries consistent height, an estimated loss of $166 million is still notable annually due to cannabis’ legal availability. It is of no doubt that cannabis now holds an extremely strong presence within medicinal markets. The question is, what can be done to harmonize both well intended medicinal sectors? 

Opening a new chapter in life-changing innovation, cannabis’ rising regularization simply leads to a call for collaboration. Major players within pharma divisions are now cleverly adopting partnerships with businesses such as Herb Industries, with an aim to develop cannabinoid-based products and benefit from the novelty of promising project fundings. 

As an example, Canadian cannabis producer Tilray declared a worldwide supply and distribution partnership with Novartis AG, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies on Earth. Though smaller deals have also partaken, this marks the clear beginning of large scale pharmaceutical involvement. 

By extracting separate cannabinoids post highly developed growth methods, Herb Industries is able to partner with high ranking pharmaceutical- research- and genetics related businesses. 

Some of our partners already include:

  • GGA Genetic Center
  • CannabiMatch
  • Hanyang University
  • Malta Enterprise 

Cannabis’ Current Market Presence

A commonly known CBD oral solution in the market is Epidolex, made available in the US as a means to administer refractory epilepsy, chronic pain and other possibly applying conditions. 

On a progressive note, OWC is currently developing a cannabinoid enriched sublingual disintegrating tablet for patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, PTSD, and other conditions. According to a PK study, the product carries observably similar efficacy as Sativex, an available cannabinoid remedy manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals. 

Other cannabis-related medicines include: Marinol (dronabinol), Syndros (dronabinol), and Cesamet (nabilone). These are however synthetically manufactured and require prescriptions from a licensed healthcare professional. 

Herb Industries’ Pharmaceutical Entry

Taking another step into the front line, pharmaceutical branches now have designs on making CBD widely available both with and without prescriptions, depending on the varying kinds of regulations in individual states. Conclusively, the demand for cannabinoid extraction is increasing rapidly, and Herb Industries remains timely acquainted. 

Medical cannabis can be conducted through diverse methods, such as capsules, lozenges, tinctures, skin patches, oral or dermal sprays, edibles, and vaporizing or smoking. Our EU GMP extractions are designed for the creation of the highest grade medicinal products, manufacturing solids, semi-solids, flowers, oils, cosmetics and edibles under strictly controlled conditions. Along with our established partners, we aim to provide therapeutic solutions for an extensive range of ailments and in every potential method of administration. An ISO-Certified laboratory enables for batch testing, stability testing and more. 

Based in Malta, our medicinal cannabis is grown indoors at Herb Industries’ licensed facility and handed over directly to pharmacies in Europe. End products include flowers and medicinal oil conversions. All mandatory regulations are met precisely in accordance with Europe’s pharmaceutical standards. 

With obvious consideration to the momentary global unfoldings, we find ourselves amidst the resolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting our emergence during a much needed call for medical innovation. 

With respect, attention, and correct intentions, Herb Industries is born with immense benefits of economic and health-related transformation, bringing refreshing methods and promising discoveries into this rebalancing time frame.

Our Research & Development program is focused on cannabis as an effective treatment for COVID-19 related conditions. 

by Julia Arguello Busch – Herb Industries