offering all kinds of ecological and natural products made from cannabis.

Belgium based brand with a broad expertise of cannabinoids & terpenes.

De Herborist chooses sustainable active ingredients extracted from herbs and spontaneous and certified organic farming. We work with the official bio cosmetics labels on almost all of our products. No GMO ingredients.

None of our products are tested on animals. 99% of the product line is clearly marked as Vegan.
The only animal product used in a very limited number is honey, which is sourced from official cooperations of beekeepers.

De Herborist is known for its innovative style while having a classic background. The production of our Terpene Candles is a first in Europe, as well as our terpene infused well being sprays. We deliver formulas and ingredients to the most famous chocolatiers and high-end brands behind the screens.

Our production facility and lab maintain a zero impact production policy. We only work with sustainable ingredients. Our packaging is ecological, our logistics minimal & smart. De Herborist operates responsibly while creating top-shelf quality products.

Our team has studied the cannabis plant for years while maintaining close relations with researchers and retailers. Together with our cosmetic experts, we create the perfect blend between new products and market demand.

All our products are EU certified and registered in the countries where they are sold. They do not contain forbidden substances. Our legal team has been up and running since 2018 to ensure our clients can implement cannabis in their range without worrying about any legal aspects.