Cannabis Takes the Lead: Positive Environmental Consequences

‘’When we choose to invest our thinking in systems that work with and not against nature, absolutely everything changes. The use of cannabis is so fascinatingly diverse in its application, it makes you question why this sustainable alternative has not taken the lead much sooner. In fact, the way it can be integrated so appropriately […]

Cannabis Kitchen: Food & Drink Infusion

Unique cuisine has always been a defining part of cultural expression. With fierce presence, the food industry remarkably persists as one of the globe’s most rapidly evolving sectors. So profound in its quality, food curiosity drives nations, arts, lifestyles, philosophies and traditions. After all, aren’t people always on the lookout for the next satisfying sensory […]

Herbal Medicine

Herb Industries brings novel impact to human health care solutions The global herbal medicine market size was worth approximately US$ 83 billion back in 2019, and its continuous escalation leads to an expectancy of US$ 550 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 18.9%. Retracing our steps back to the natural essence, herbal medicine, or […]

Cannabis & Holistic Wellness: Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Stepping back and above, can you see from the view of a bird’s eye? There is clarity of perspective and integration to the whole. This higher dimensional outlook is a great metaphor for the holistic mindset; choosing to perceive and value all aspects of existence with equal respect and interconnective awareness. Jumping into holistic wellness, […]

Medicinal Cannabis & Pharmaceuticals: A Growing Change

With cannabis providing alternatives for such a vast coverage of medical conditions, pharmaceutical companies are faced with an opportune possibility of integrative expansion. Its capacity for pain management has guided doctors to recommend cannabis as a safe alternative to multiple addictive painkillers or commonly abused pharmaceuticals. In fact, the cases of successfully administered cannabis alternatives […]

Different Cannabinoids & Their Medical Applications

Tapping into the chemical makeup of cannabis is discovering a truly diverse world of effects. With antioxidant, antipsychotic, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory compounds, cannabis has been and is successfully undergoing valid scientific recognition for its effective and powerful medicinal assets. Interacting with our cells in a way that no other plant is able to, cannabis stands […]

The History of Medical Cannabis

Ancient discoveries Let’s jump back in time, all the way back into the ancient world. Fascinatingly, the use of medicinal cannabis is dated at least 10,000 years into the past. Yet strangely, humanity has faced an odd twist within this long lasting linkage. Only now are we finally retracing the wise steps of our ancestors, […]

Herb Industries – Our Economic Advantage

Stepping into the cannabis market in a timely advantageous manner, Herb Industries positions itself amongst one of the potential global leaders of this transformative sector. Emerging amidst the resolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery is a massively debated topic. Fortunately, we are involved with a market that not only provides an abundant variety of […]