Cannabis Kitchen: Food & Drink Infusion

Unique cuisine has always been a defining part of cultural expression. With fierce presence, the food industry remarkably persists as one of the globe’s most rapidly evolving sectors. So profound in its quality, food curiosity drives nations, arts, lifestyles, philosophies and traditions. After all, aren’t people always on the lookout for the next satisfying sensory experience?

Opening a new chapter in culinary innovations, cannabis cuisine is a great way to consume both medicinal and recreational doses, presenting vast possibilities of uniquely infused dishes. Creative products such as CBD chocolate and a multitude of beverages now hold significant popularity in the market. Cannabis restaurants are also growing more and more popular amongst various countries, infusing CBD’s relaxing effects into delicious main course recipes and desserts. In natural alignment with Herb Industries’ vision, entering this sector is one of our highly pursued branches, as we recognize the profitable and authentic potential within this merging of fields.

Here is what economic research suggests:

The global cannabis edibles market may increase at a CAGR of estimately 25.4% from 2019 to 2025, reaching a total value of $11.5 billion.

Simply put, cannabis enhanced foods are attractive, exotic and interesting to the public. Cannabinoids carry immense health & nutritious properties, and aside from their particularly pleasant effects, they can also augment the triggered feelings of other mood altering, natural food constituents, such as cacao or other herbs and consumables.  By partnering with Herb Industries, food & beverages businesses are faced with an opportunity of expansive and qualitative market outreach, providing the next highly seeked tasty experience. Some well known cannabis infused products include:

  • Ice cream
  • Frozen Yoghurt
  • Chocolate
  • Cereal bars
  • Various types of candy
  • Bakery goods
  • Drinks
  • Cannabis butter (also known as cannabutter)
  • Cannabis cooking oil (cannaoil)
  • Cannabis olive oil

In terms of observable consumer demand, these products have picked up significantly promising momentum in the market, and this is predicted to continue expanding exponentially. Detailed data collection & analysis points to multiple growing trends. Now that regulations are evolving on a global scale, the public is progressively reaching a broader consumption education, which allows for the cannabis market to flourish creatively even further.

Moving along 2021, mainstream companies within the food industry are expected to make direct moves towards cannabinoid-infused product development. In more technical terms, the manufacturing of such goods requires adequate mixing and homogenization, aiming for the integration of well distributed ingredient potency. Adequacy to foundational criterias such as temperature, solubility, shear, pressure, stability and viscosity are likewise of primordial importance. Linking to a common vision, these processes can only be fulfilled with the usage of high grade cannabinoid extractions, which are attentive to safety and translatory efficiency. Suitably, Herb Industries is dedicated to this exactly; the highest standards of extractive herbal production.

Along with our partners, the  final goal is to present an end product that applies considerable bioavailability and appropriate dosage. Quality control is to be carried out throughout each conductive step, assuring specified information on milligrams per portion and abiding to all mandatory regulations.