Cannabis & Holistic Wellness: Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Stepping back and above, can you see from the view of a bird’s eye? There is clarity of perspective and integration to the whole. This higher dimensional outlook is a great metaphor for the holistic mindset; choosing to perceive and value all aspects of existence with equal respect and interconnective awareness. Jumping into holistic wellness, let’s have a look at its definition and how Herb Industries partakes in every day healthy lifestyle choices. 

Differing from traditional medicine, holistic wellness is rather a lifestyle than a way of therapy. Instead of looking to heal a particularly arising disease, this lifestyle promotes whole-body harmony by considering all facets of an individual, including physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental wellbeing. The holistic wellness ideology suggests that all areas of a person are in some way interconnected, and what we typically perceive as separately occurring suffering is actually affecting the entire system. This causes other areas of the individual to be thrown off balance, calling for awareness into not only the appearing symptom, but the overall achievement of equilibrium. 

Here are a few examples: 

An imbalance of relationships may cause anxiety. Stress at work may lead to physical pain and sleep disturbances. Chronic medical conditions may lead to depression and similar results of disorder. Each symptom connects to a source. 

When applying wellness in all realms of a person’s living, unsought changes become more easily preventable and adaptable. In fact, that is exactly what holistic wellness is all about: preventive care and maintenance of balance. 

The incredible link between cannabis and holistic wellness

Let’s recall some compatible information from our previous article ‘’Different Cannabinoids & Their Medical Applications’’ :

Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring molecules within the human body, responsible for maintaining internal health balance, or what is defined as homeostasis. Fascinatingly, cannabis engages directly with the endocannabinoid system, meaning it has the ability to provide supplemental treatments for any endocannabinoid imbalances. As this homeostatic system is responsible for a vast coverage of human functioning, cannabis likewise promotes healing and whole-body wellness for an equally vast range of human qualities. In other words, cannabis is a fantastic tool within holistic wellness. 

Cannabis-Infused Holistic Wellness Practices

Relaxation is a key aspect of overall well being. Stress can lead to a number of health problems, including heart disease, obesity, hair loss, depression, migraines, and other health disturbances. Clear as it appears, a great deal of society still struggles with the mature approach of creating space for relaxation. We often find ourselves tense beyond bearing, facing the unfortunate physical consequences this may bring. Becoming acquainted with holistic wellness methods is a great way to flourish amidst a balanced lifestyle, with cannabis as a delightful complementation in multiple practical angles. 

De-stressing, or simply taking the purposeful time to relax, is a vital part of an ideal holistic wellness lifestyle. 

Here are a few ways in which cannabis may enhance relaxing experiences: 

  1. Combining the use of cannabis with yoga, a spa-day, massage, or acupuncture, allowing for enhanced muscle relaxation, improved nerve signal interpretation, peace of mind, and skin rejuvenation. The use of cannabis during physical practices may also assist in increasing mind & body connection, which is an essential foundation of whole-body wellbeing.

  1. Active learning is known to avert cognitive decline in later years of life. Cannabis has the ability to boost creativity and treat Alzheimer’s, making it a great addition to creative learning processes such as cultivation, painting, or any kind of artistic activity. 

  1. Comforting self-care. Using cannabis bath products to support magnified relaxation and holistic balance. CBD oil or CBD-based bath bombs can be added to soak the entire body in powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 

  1. Using topicals for skin care and self massaging, preventing and relieving potential conditions such as tendonitis or sore feet, making use of cannabis’ rich content of omega fatty acids and antioxidants. 

  1. Preparing CBD tea to promote relaxation, or adding cbd oil to your healthy foods and preferred beverages. 

  1. Adding CBD oil to bed-time routines, winding down with a calming massage, night meditation, or direct dermal application to the shoulders, head and neck, as to to let go of any collected daily tension. 

  1. CBD’s high content of vitamin E and fatty acids provides a great way to nourish the scalp tissue and strengthen the hair, promoting hair growth and increasing blood circulation.

  1. Sublingual daily intake of CBD oil to support calmness, or combining CBD with other medicinal herbs or supplements for an augmented effect. 

Herb Industries’ Involvement 

Taking a closer look at our manufacturing chain process, Herb Industries’ cosmetically aimed cannabis is grown in inexpensively resourceful places such as Thailand and Morocco, then sent for extraction to our licensed Maltese facilities, where the herbs will undergo all necessary processes such as isolation and product formulation. 

Upon receiving Herb Industries’ top quality extractions, our partners are then actively involved in the sales of premium cannabis-based cosmetics and CBD oils across the world. These organic end-products are designed specifically for relaxation and physical body care, including various oral, skin, hair, and muscle wellness products. Our Belgian brand De Herborist specializes in this area particularly, offering a complete line of ecological products and leaving behind zero carbon footprint on the environment. 

The bioavailability of cannabinoids varies upon consumption method; skin absorption and digestive absorption carry distinct percentages, calling for an adaptive measure of concentration in each intended recipe. 

The topical absorption rate is of estimately 30% bioavailability, serving as an effective method of local relief. Oral consumption has approximately 6% bioavailability, meaning a higher concentration is needed for similarly seeked internal effects. Our products provide varying degrees of concentration and a fitting application possibility to every wellness approach. 

On another note, our medicinally targeted cannabis is grown indoors at Herb Industries’ licensed facility and handed over directly to pharmacies in Europe. End products include flowers and medicinal oil conversions. All mandatory regulations are met precisely in accordance with Europe’s pharmaceutical standards. Our Research & Development program is focused on new methods of application that provide previously unknown efficiency in bioavailability. 

by Julia Arguello Busch – Herb Industries