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Opening pathways in medicine, wellness and culinary arts with cannabis

About us

With a licensed facility based in Malta, Herb Industries is focused on the production of top quality cannabis extractions. With EU GMP certifications, our manufacturing aims for the highest grade of product formulation, manufacturing solids, semi-solids, flowers, oils, and cosmetics. Along with our established partners, we aim to provide sustainable and therapeutic solutions for an extensive range of applications and in every potential method of administration.

Our Process


Taking a closer look at our manufacturing chain process, Herb Industries’ cosmetically aimed cannabis is grown in inexpensively resourceful places such as Thailand and Morocco, then sent for extraction to our licensed Maltese facilities, where the herbs undergo all necessary processes such as isolation and product formulation. 

Market Access

Upon receiving Herb Industries’ top quality extractions, our retail partners are then actively involved in the sales of premium cannabis-based cosmetics, CBD oils and other formulations across the world. We infiltrate various markets with the resourceful qualities of cannabis.


Our medicinally targeted cannabis is grown indoors at Herb Industries’ EU GMP facility and handed over directly to pharmacies in Europe. End products include flowers and medicinal oil conversions. All mandatory regulations are met in precise accordance with Europe’s pharmaceutical standards.


Herbal Medicine

Herb Industries brings novel impact to human health care solutions The global herbal medicine market size was worth approximately US$ 83 billion back in 2019,

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